Welcome to Jekyll!

Welcome to Jekyll!

Oops, I did it again. I'm talking about using a new blog engine. I started with Typo, migrated to several hosts over the years, used octopress, and now I moved straight to using jekyll. In this post I'll show you the behind the scenes and you will also find the source code of this site.

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This github repo is the CMS for my website and blog and is built using jekyll.

I'm considering making the source of http://n-so.com website public. The content I create will be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Not being a designer I've started the site with an HTML template I bought, so please don't reuse the CSS and assets they provide unless you buy the template.

My initial goal was to us github page, a cool way to host your website. I'll blog about how I've create this site. If you can't wait, they are already many resources out there explaining how to use jekyll. However I'm also using custom plugin to allow using layouts in HAML which github pages doesn't allow for obvious security reasons. Let me know if you find out otherwise. S3 was the next contender for hosting this site and with the s3_website gem it's even more convenient than gh-pages.

Enjoy! - Daniel Wanja

About Daniel Wanja

I can help create your next incredible application. I can mentor your developers, augment your team, build a proof of concept or create the whole application for you. I build Web and Mobile Applications with HTML5, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails and Node.js.


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