Uber experience

Uber experience

While at the Launch Festival I thought I give Uber a try.

Round 1: airport

Coming out from the airport there was a long line of Taxi waiting, so I didn't need to try Uber yet. First Taxi in line is a minivan. I ask the driver he takes credit cards and he says of course. Well, often it's not the case. So I jumped in, he had a backseat TV and the rider was great. He was also named Daniel. Arriving at the hotel he accepted credit cards wit Square. Got my receipt per email. Perfect.

Taxi:1 Über:0

Round 2: ride to the launch conference

Coming out of the hotel, again two taxis where waiting, so I went to the first in line and asked if he can drive me to the Design Center Concourse. He didn't know where it was. I told him that I have the address and asked him if he accepts credit cards. Nope. Well, I launched the Uber app, clicked "Reserve black car" and two minutes later a black limo picked me up. Via the app I entered my destination so the driver knew already where to go. The funny part is that he picked me up right in front of the other taxi, came out of the car with a great smile and opened my door. The drivers name was also Daniel. Note the experience was just great.

Taxi:1 Über:1

Round 3: 9pm Pickup

Day 1 of the conference is over and I need a ride to get back to the hotel. Walking out of the Design Center Concourse no taxi was in view. Started the Über app and clicked "Reserve black car" and less that 30 seconds later a brand new Lexus RX 450 stopped in front of me. Wow.

Taxi:1 Über:2

Final Round: 2nd day at the launch conference

This morning there was just no taxi visible and I noticed the Uber limmo waiting on the other side of the street. Click on the app and the car picked me up.

Taxi:1 Über:3

Game over. The fares where correct and the convenience is unbeatable.

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