Launch Festival: Day 2 - Now 37 Startups Launched

Yesterday 18 startup lanched. Today they beat that, and what a batch it was. Including one internet connected coffee machinge that brews the perfect coffee. Here are my notes on the launched apps. As the presentation where really fast passed I certainly missed some obvious facts. I'll correct them as I find out. Again the day was organized in three launch sessions.

Session 1

19. Quick Posture

  • Glenn Bilby
  • Jesper Brännmark

If you are not assessing you are guessing.

  • @quickposture

  • We have created the solution to assess movement and posture at glance

  • We are created a 3d images, looking at the static posture, alignments.

  • You can improve the back pain ratio at your workplace from 1 in 5 to 1 in 10;

  • In a private clinic we can increase the income by $900'000 a year.

  • One scan is replace two weeks of doctor assessment.

    q: is this telemedecine or in the office?
    a: in the early days we try to establish legitimacy, but in the future it can be made at homes.
    q: how does it work with having close on? Do we need a suite like that
    a: tight close works fine. If it has lot of fabric it can interfere.
    q: on the hardware site do you need to big screen or can it work on an iPad
    a: We are trying to standardize, therefore the special hardware. But we can use a table on a fixed
    standardized mount. q: How does it compared with other Kinect solutions
    a: These solutions don't reach mass markets and clinics. We are breaching this gap
    q: How do you protect yourself against other using Kinect.
    a: In terms of business we can partner with a hardware provider, but our business is more on the software
    and service side. a: fee for service and we can hope we can provide the hardware

20. Stream nation

  • Jonhathan Benassaya
  • Oren Zitoun


  • @stream_nation

  • Enjoy your video library on iPad, iPhone and the web.

  • Send you videos and they encode them.

  • Give trusted friends access to a collection so they can watch from your library. They can do the same for you!

  • Steve can upload all his dads, add content to his account with bit torrent.

  • On the iPad Steve can browse his library.

  • Can cache content for offline viewing

  • It starts at $4/month for 100GB

  • Backuped twice

  • Transcoded in 4 format

jason: David Conehn your are nodding
q: is that a bridge solution until people are not using their dads. That problem will not be around in 5 or 10 years.
a: dvd is a way to put content in the system. We also can send a hard drive to you to give us content. The big vision of stream nation is to create a storage for you families. With the go pro people we are a content creation nation.
followup: that's not what you pitched.
q: You can download videos from iTunes. If you are in the business of saving $2 you don't have a business. You pitched us something we can already do.
a: There are many reasons you cannot enjoy your files.
followup: younger people don't have that problem right now.
followup: you need to check on copyright issues. What is the legality?
a: technically you have the right to backup dads but you cannot circumvent drm
a: we worked with lawyers and google.
followup: 2 things you need to be careful. If you have online access you won't import the video, its bookmarking for video. Sending dvds is a hard user experience. You are solving a legacy problem. I think you are onto something good, you have a lot of moving parts and you need to figure out what it is.
q: how does this compare to ultraviolet offers
a: 2 different things. 1 ability to add all your collection and ultraviolet is only for new content. 2 is works on all platforms. The approach we take nobody is providing this. There are not service where I can upload all my DVDs and stream them on any device.


  • Amit Kumar
  • Andrew Pariser

  • Version 2.0


  • @lxty

  • What can small business do to provide online customer support? That's where levity life comes in.

  • When lexity detects a customer is on the verge to buy we text the owner on the phone. He sees the specific products has been browsing.

  • Integration with commerce platform.

  • Within seconds you can connect to your customers.

  • Turning casual visitor into buyers.

  • Mobile to mobile can ask to call directly owner.

  • Affordable at $100 a month.

q: how to you acquire customers?
a: We are a web 2.0 platform we reach already a million customers
q: you are adding a significant cost to the customer. How you are going to identify customer that are really going to buy?
a: we have the data on these merchants already, we can identify a qualified customer
q: the pitch is hurdle left and hurdle right and you have already something. So the package might be more interesting that the individual product.
a: we have an app platform but this is the first application on top of that platform.
followup: customer acquisition is the hardest part. I think you are onto something.
followup: you are catering with consumer that a price sensitive.
a: 3 audience. 1) low end sales below 50 2) high-end products. 3) real-estate agents, dentists, with large potential sales. Different people use in different ways.
q: why don't you just let the people call you
a: 10 to 15% would buy if you contact them but wouldn't contact you self.

22. brainpickin

  • Daniel Sztutwojner
  • Ariel Rosenthal


  • @brainpickin

  • With three simple click you can create access to you teaching content Lessons

  • brainpickin is smart and interactive

  • Notepad (can share with other participants)

  • Q&A (will be shared with other participants and your social network)

q: this is interesting creation tool. Does it help with marketing
a: We build a community where they can bring all they students. The user can organize their website, organize competition and create affiliates. You can share different courses from different website.
q: In order to get a larger community you need lots and lots of lecturors . How do you bring students in the system?
a: Right now we are finding experts, institutions and we are creating sites for them right now. In order to scale we need something more organic. We integrate with you other social networks.
q: First off this is a beautiful product. It's a lot like eudemy. You need to be careful that lots of content creator don't have audience but they go where the audience are like youtube. You need to get obsessive how to get users there.
a: Current provider have already content and followers on youtube.
q: You didn't' stretch much on the ecommerce. How you going to monetize?
a: They can charge for their content.
q: Can they have a mixed of free and pay lessons.
a: yes.
a: that what we are focused on small institutes. As they have the content but not the platform. We have many institutes that don't look for the viral effect but need a beautiful platform like ours.
q: Did you start as a site builder
a: Yes.
followup: the value is in the distribution.

23. Revolve

  • Marcums Rosenthal
  • Ilya Polyhakov

Version 2.0

  • The robotic stand that let's you see and be seen on video calls.
  • Fits any tablet.
  • Best with larger tablets.
  • Can remotely pan and tilt the tablet.
  • Driven by bluetooth.

  • Proud to announce we can retail with for $249. We have an open api to allow developers to integrate this with the video conference applications.

  • Kubi is the best next thing to being there.

q: where did the idea come from? Did you look into doing a roaming robots.
a: By talking to our customer we realized that the main value is into
q: is it driven by voice command?
a: it's a web interface with the mouse.
a: we are looking into facial recognition to track discussion
q: what is the most awesome application?
a: you have parents and the call often doesn't work.
followup: is that most awesome you can come up?
followup: make just this as a boardroom product. You can charge more for it.
a: we have kicked around the term "polycomp for everyone".
followup: do polucomp for everyone.
f: Starting with this product start with the boardroom to focus where you go early one.
q: do you think it's confusing that it's independent of the tablet? How hard is it to integrate with a table.
a: It's super easy. We focus with on iOS with a tablet solution and keep the brains with the table. Most robot who come out are obsolete, we leverage the tablets that come out.
q: there is a battery pack, how long does it last.
a: 4 hours. It's not designed to run of a battery, but it's portable.
q: if you make 10'000 how much will it cost.
a: we are aiming for $50
q: security feature...can it detect that someone walked in a room or lobby, could it detect it?
a: it could be integrated.

24. Boxbee

  • @boxbee

  • Kristoph Matthews

  • Nate Amarose

  • Now you can store any number of boxes, on demand.

  • With one click you are into box bee and schedule a pickup of storage.

  • Specify the number of boxes, a pickup type, address. Then enter payments

  • Within 2 hours later boxes arrive right at your door.

  • Boxbee is usage based pricing. You pay only for what you use. I.e. a few dollars a month.

  • Pickup is within hours.

  • The others you have a minimum of several hundreds of dollars.

  • iPhone app that tracks your boxes.

  • You have a storage hive with different categories.

  • With any boxes you can: share, donate, sell and retrieve.

  • For the first time in history the convenience and efficiency of cloud storage exists for the physical world.

q: I love this. What is the market size? Are you going after the mom and pop storage?
a: very important question. Is an old market but a new product. We are going after the $7 billion dollar portable storage market.
q: I do get something sent form SF to NY
a: We fulfilled request to deliver stuff abroad even.
q: how does it work? Is there extra charges.
a: we have a network of carriers.
q: You need a lot of capital for this?
a: why?
q: You need lot of storage
a: we look at us as a cloud storage.
a: we utilizing existing infrastructure.
a: I apologize for being vague. We are using existing movers, storers…
q: how many customers can you have and much will they pay? what percent of the use case is that you ship items back and forth?
a: we have a pull of beta customers and shows 2 groups. 1 a group that stores 6 boxes for 3 and 6 month and moving stuff back and forth. 2 the other is the traditional self storage customer. We are benefiting from both customers. This is a new product in an existing market. This market is going to grow.
q: self storage is a real estate market. Moving back and forth is complicate. I would be wary of solving the use case of sending boxes back and forth.

Session 2

25. AdStage

  • Sahil Jain
  • Jason Wu


  • @getadstage

  • Single place from where you can build, deploy an ad campaign across multiple ad networks

  • Advertise across Google, Facebook, Bing, & LinkedIn

  • We are in San Francisco, We raised 1.4 millions dollars

  • scoble: best idea seen in two days.

q: it's smart and simple. What is the market size for this?
a: In 2011 there is $31 billion dollar market. 23% came from small companies, <25 people, spending $1500 and over. That number is growing 20% per year.
q: is there plan the partners with even bright?
a: self serve platform for people who cannot afford an agency.
q: I have to find keywords. Anything to identify non obvious keywords.
a: You have to give us a few keywords, then we give you recommendations.
q: you must be using apis. What protects you from Facebook killing their apis
a: There are always dependencies and risks. But these have been out there for a while. It's not up to us.
q: Do you have A/B testing.
a: Everything will come in time. Currently we can duplicate a campaign.
q: do you guys plan to expand in video ads or other forms?
a: yes, we'll go into different mediums, definitively within the first year.

26. Ryse

Agencies+Brand+ …I missed what they said.

q: what was the offer for money? Who is the offer and what was the money?
a: a value exchange. Where you offer money to the brands.
q: how will agencies use this? It's connecting product and big brands.
a: big agencies and brand see this as an issue on on to find brands. We source agencies and brands.We are hoping to be the linked in of brands and agencies.
q: how many brands do you have?
a: We only have a few, Unilever, PesiCo, …
q: how do people rate these agencies.
a: by phone.
q: there is a need to this thing and they are not a real good way to connect this. Will be you using Angellist.
a: we are using crunch base and angel list as data sources.
feedback: it's hard to digest and understand what this is. You need to clarify this.
feedback: the demo was confusing.

27. Homedine

  • Sagiv Ofek
  • Elad Cohen

  • http://HomeDine.In/

  • @homedinein

  • Who here likes to eat alone. 3 out of 4 american east alone.

  • What if I tell you there is a new dining experience.

  • We are bringing back people to eat together over a warm cooked meal.

  • Restaurent's have Yelp. Home cooks have home dine.

  • We are the bridge who are connect people between the online and the offline one. What can be more social than having a meal together.

  • Our mobile app is coming out really soon.

q: airbnb for food. Do you agree?
a: I agree. But airbnb don't have the social aspects?
q: do people pay?
a: it's up to the host decides. If they charge we get fees.
q: can they do potlucks
a: yes
q: How are you going to get distribution to people.
a: Lot's of people like the idea. We start 4 month ago, we can execute and can do it fast. We want to bring this kibbutz experience here.
q: You didn't answer.
a: What we noticed it's that it's going viral.
q: It's a really cool idea….but once thing you have to overcome is the creep factor. What are they putting in the meal. The most compelling is that you have stories, people found jobs, the human stories. It's all about the photos. Not about food photos, but people photos.
a: It's up to you who can see this meal. Only your friends, friends of friends. There is a rating system.
q: Its a big phenomena in Cuba.
a: Yes, Cube and Israel, and I feel you guys need it too.

28. Mycutefriend

  • John Furneaux
  • Julie Hammers


  • @mycutefriend

  • Hashley hates online dating. Online dating is packed with creeping guys.

  • 30 seconds to signup.

  • It's a recommendation system where you recommend the top 3 people to others.

  • You are invisible until you unlock someone.

  • They pay $1 to see the person.

  • It's about finding people with a great alignment.

  • It only has the best guys. No spam.

  • Both on Google Play and AppStore.

q: great idea. This take online dating to the mobile age. I like it.
q: my worry is will it leave up to the promise. Creepy people may be recommended in the system. Do you need to curate it?
a: the women need to have 40 friends on Facebook for over than year. It's harder to game. Also if you have a choice between a random person or a recommendation from your friend…
q: all you revenue is hinging on one moment in time. Have you thought through the mechanics of that?
a: Our hypothesis. You know there is an expression of interest. So it's not another dating site. Someone expressed interest in you and with in app purchase, it's very easy to get the transition going.
q: what have you learned?
a: guys always pay the dollar.
q: do you feel a pushback of using Facebook
a: Not if you don't want to push anything back to Facebook and if you provide a high end experience.
q: has a women do you know which women does the recommendation.
a: our focus group showed that people prefer having recommendations from anonymous women.

Jugdes agree that adstage is the favorite so far.
29. Planeto

  • @planeto

  • Martin Walfisz

  • Magnus Rovertsson

  • We are here today to launch a new quiz game:

  • They had the crow play a quiz together.

  • Everyone can create a quiz in seconds. Teacher could in matter of minutes a quiz for students.

  • Can be used at conference, schools, hockey games, before concerts, quiz night at bar, public transportations, at home with friends and family.

  • Business model, we have different subscription packages depending on different concurrent users.

  • On top of the social graph we can quantify knowledge and expertise.

  • We can use this in many ways, like knowledge based advertising.

q: I don't know if you can graph knowledge of people answers? Who to you graph that?
a: building the knowledge is an opt in
q: you going to sell that data?
a: yes. We will be a repository of knowledge graph data.
q: does it have to be synchronous? Can it be asynchronous?
a: yes.
q: can you see live results?
a: we do it more like a show
q: who paid for this?
a: the venu or customer that wants to run a show.
q: where are you at the life cycle of the company
a: we launched a couple of years ago with other games. 2million users in the Nordic countries.
q: do you have customer for this offering
a: we are launching today, but have a few interested customers.
q: do you plan to move to the valley
a: of course.

30. circl

  • @joincircl

  • Meet Jim. He has a great pizzeria, but is a shity marketer.

  • He can distribute he campaign over twitter, Facebook and email.

  • Circl tracks actual customer visits using geo fencing and create a mobile voucher.

  • Circl make intelligent suggestion about what type of promotion to run and when.

  • We are the intelligent marketing platform for local businesses.

q: most of customer are through google, yelp or foursquare. Are you adding these services?
a: we are. This is not new customer for now but existing customers. We are adding new channels.
q: people are not online. How are you going to distribute this?
a: we do everything over email.
q: I think this is cool…but what I you have no social channels established?
a: we don't focus on that.
followup: this is a fundamental flaw.
a: this is growing at an incredible rate.
a: we selected 15 random business and the most had some email lists. But they don't have a clue if their marketing is working or not.
feedback: if you are going after someone that is already astute about online. But you should go after the bigger market, that understand that Facebook and Yelp is important but have no clue how to go after them.


  • Isaac Herrera
  • Joseph Silvashy


  • @flyerio

  • Really easy way to create flyers online for non-technical people.

  • Sharing an immersive experience for customers.

  • Unique url shareable on social media.

  • Raising an angel round.

scoble: I bet there a people here that will buy your team for your html5 expertise.
q: real-estate only?
a: yes.
q: paper or online flyer?
a: online, but can also be exported as pdf.
a: build online, option as exported.
q: why is the online fly better?
jason: you can tweet a short url of the flyer.
a: help them what they are doing right now.
q: how are they doing this right now
a: in indesign
q: what do you if you have 20 properties?
a: doing them in bulk?
q: like a portfolio or list?
a: yes. Now we start with one flyer. But there is a landing page.
q: what is the business model?
a: freemium. A pro account will have analytics and other features.
a: we start with commercial.
a: 8 out of 10 agents don't have a marketing team.

Judges opinion

Jason: Favorite and What is the best piece of advice?
scoble: best is adstage. Advice: be clear who your customer is. I.e. circl
Ryan: best adstage. ryse - simplify product.
Josh: favorite adstage. 2nd
Aaron: I like homedinner. Advise, make it about the stories and not so much than the stories.
Brendon: adstage favorite. wonder if they can syndicate the content.
Christine: My second is as there are many things broken in real-estate. That was compelling. I already invested in adstage

Session 3

32. Crypho

  • Geir Baekholt
  • Yiogis Gozadinos


  • @getChrypho

  • Team collaboration tool that is a secure as it's easy to use.

  • Key difference is that all the data is encrypted before leaving the browsers.

  • No one can decrypt the data as the keys are hold by the users

  • 256bits encryption

  • Most essential part of the application is hidden of the user.

  • It's build in, you cannot screw it up.

  • considering fundraising…

scoble: here is an example of a pitch that didn't get at how difficult what is what you solve. For me my life is public so it doesn't get me. But if I'm at apple or working in china…
comment: when you pitch this as a tool for the government to use it's an indication that it's a small market. I wished you would pitch this as more what problem it tries to solve.
jason: this is an example of when the use case must matter and is critical.
Greg: this seems like a feature yammer could just ad.
a: building this in the browser and not in the server, so it cannot be secured by the server.
scoble: what are you selling?
a: it's a business tool
jason: what does it cost
a: $100 for a space, or three spaces.
jason: why not free
a: security is quite expensive.

33. Blossom Coffee Inc.

  • Version 2.0

  • Jeermy Kuempel

  • Chris Mesrobian


  • @BlossomCoffee

  • We make the worlds best coffee machine.

  • Our coffee tastes better.

  • coffee to water ratio control

  • grind size

  • temperature control

  • blossom one.

  • Internet connect machine.

q: how much is this machine?
a: our product is competitively priced
scoble: this is a recruiting tool for startups.
q: what's the cost
a: $4000 and up
q: when does it come down to mortals?
a: In two years I want a consumer based product under $200. Now we are commercial.
q: did you get feedback that your product was overbuild.
a: we creating the best possible coffee machine.
q: what do you need to get to the $200 machine?
q: it's really hard to communicate why this machine makes better coffee. Dyson was very successfully communicating.
q: the hardware is a start, but what is the rest of the business model?

34. Ubooly

  • Carly Gloge
  • Isaac Squires


  • @ubooly

  • In the demo pit last year.

  • Stuffed animal powered by your iPhone

  • We created a toy that thousands of kids loved. But parent asked for more. Can hbooly teach my kids.

  • Parents get feedback on progress.

scoble: are you working on games for special needs community.
a: we can do specialized packs.
q: where does the content come from?
a: designed by teacher and parent can setup queues.
q: have you testing with kids that are computer literate? Are they going to use?
a: we build an emotional attachment. Kids sleep with ubooly.
q: you need and iPod touch? Do you find resistance from parent?
a: yes. Now the use case is that they use the hand me down phone. We can sync with wifi.
q: do you have recurring revenue model?
a: yes, all our lessons are based on series. So we want to have auto teach and we can recommend new course based on the kids.
q: what % of parent want to do this?
a: really high percentage. Parent don't get enough out of the school and want something different.

35. Trendalytics

  • @Trendalytics01

  • Karen Moon

  • Kevin He

  • Brand and retailers decision support software for merchandise

scoble: I'm a little shocked that there is more design sense put in this product. We are living in a world where we can have conversation before the customer is going to buy. Are you thinking of engaging them before the moment of sales in a predictive way?
a: one thing I wanna point out, …, all merchandise is shared across the web today. We are focused on pre production.
q: what evidence do you have that the fashion buyers want to transition to this?
a: actually we are designing the product with buyer like blooming dale and so forth.
q: what would it take to get a real case study?
a: one specific example they increase sales 300% a year.
q: why do you give out there?
a: huge opportunity is to solved for lost of brands to be smarter at what they are doing?
q: how much if Pinterest affected by the fashion industry
a: Pinterrest is important. Blog post are important. 15% Tumblr is fashion. Facebook is a big driver

36. YouCommentate

  • Steve Bealing
  • Ken McHugh


  • We are reinventing television. With fan source live commentary.

  • Show NFL game and shows how the commentary was blend.

  • Basic service is free.

  • Premium feature or $1.49 a month

  • We are here for 2 reasons: 1) attract technical talent

scoble: this is the weakest thing I've seen in four session. The market size is so small.
a: 200 million watched the NFL. We believe the existing commentary are highly exclusionary.
q: so hem….I'm fascinated with how the television watching is changing. I do think there is lot of changes how people will watch tv. I don't know if I understand it. A huge problem is discovery.
greg: I think this is pretty unique. How do you convince us that people want this.
a: last year we build a shit ugly app and we approached 6 bloggers and had 50 commenters that resulted in 22'000 listen. 66% groth.
a: we are excited on celebrities. I.e. Will Farell which is a big sports fan.
jason: what are you gonna do to make scoble crawl the next 12 month.
scole: a million active users every month.
q: that's exactly what we are aiming for.
jason: if he does it, you gonna appear on the judging panel in a ballerina outfit.

Judges favorite on session 3 so far

jason: what is your favorite?

scoble: My favorite was ubooly. I like cute toys.
Mark Seigel: trendalytics. Take social medias trend point to drive analytics. Conceptually that could work.
Greg Tseng: youcommentate. It's unique, there is nothing out like this. I like they homed in on live sports. I would bet on them.
Jason: you just want to see me in tutu.
Andy White: probably trendalytics. Pieces are there, not executed well. I can be applied in lot of different areas.
Demain Sellfors: If I had to make an investment I would make it in ubooly.

37. Greengoose


  • Version 2.0 - winner of last year demo pit.

  • Brian Krejcarek

  • Marcus Blankenship

  • We learned a lot. Kids don't like brushing teeth and taking there medicine. But they like to play on their iPhone.

  • Demo doesn't go so well…could have been funny.

  • Idea is that they have a magical wand which has bluetooth and a gyroscope that can work with many apps.

  • We'll present here today "Teddo". Inside he has dreams. You can put closes on which have rfid. Teddo can drive an app. So kids can play now with * real toys again.

  • Teddo is $19. We are creating an App Store.

Mark: I wash wishing I had a gong here. Really that was one of the strangest thing I have seen.
Scoble: the problem went south. So it's hard mentally to get back from it. But ignoring that, there is something here, I'm just struggling with this.
Greg: I remember seeing green goose two years ago and was excited about it. What happen?
a: We didn't get enough sells. We had this idea of gamifying things.
Andy: it seems that there are lots of stabs in the dark. It's time consuming and expensive. Seems that you need to get back to the customer to find out what problems you need to solve. It may be another device that doesn't work and goes to the bin.
Scoble: I meet an inventor that sold his idea to Disney and they brought it to market.

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