Launch Hackaton

Before I realized that the Hackaton was conflicting with some long term ski vacation we had planned I signed up and was excited to have a more active part at the Launch Conference. By meeting tonight some of the participants I don't know if I could have programmed several days in a row with little sleep like many did. Great job 'guys'!

The winner of the Hackaton will get a $75k investment or $30k in cash.

They where 123 projects…here are the top 12 select tonight in no specific order:

1. watchtower

 watch a website
 click on areas of the page you want to track.
 build a website portfolio of your competitor website
 track it's changes

 questions: what else are you tracking.
 answer: how the look and feel changes

2. reQwip

 Dan Driscle, Jon rosenberg
 From Texas

 "Most of us have a garage full of gear. Wouldn't it be great that we could give that gear to someone who uses it who cannot afford it".
 A grad student is looking to buy a bike cheap. 

 Peer to peer mobile app to buy outdoor gear
 Hyper local.
 10% fee

 questions: how different from what's out there.
 answer: first we login with Facebook and authenticate with Twillio api. We make sure you are a real human being.
 We geo locate items.

3. genpad

 use your iPhone to design faster. Utilise iPhone screen to draw shortcuts.
 Start IDE
  or Photoshop shortcut keys

4. ERorNot

 Avoid patient unnecessary trip to the ER.
 Only 12% stay hospitalized.

5. samplerround

 Merchant give out free sample. Increase customers
 Try something new at no cost
 Touch sample and you see a survey
 Real time A/B testing
 No charges to use the platform, but depersonalize analytics and sell aggregated data

6. Clinq

 Collect interrests and intents through Facebook and linked in.
 Use the NewAer platform (~150 feet) to detect interest.
 Find group you are interested in.
 Find bouncers group.
 Runs in the background.
 Do you have time to Clinq? Notification.


 Content management service as a service.
 Add a snippet of code to your page. Then you can start editing.
 Then the new page is updated instantly.
 You get a whole dashboard of pages you are working on.
 A list of revisions on a page.
 Visual diff     

 question: how will you charge for it?
 answer: not really sure yet.

8. wick

 (pretty sure I got the name wrong)

 machup twitters broadcast and snapchat videos
 we have a global firehose 
 Node backend that is performant
 upload to global feed.
 content evaporates after 24 hours

 question: what is the primary use case?
 answer: real value when you get to twitter broadcast, and you know nobody.

9. discosync

 Silent disco…Prototype of the silent disco app
 Tracking listeners
 Update on the fly

10. Setonia

 An instant product search engine api.

 Couldn't see/here. Sorry.

11. bridge

 Technology to transfer data with the light of your iPhone.
  Receiver cost 20 cents.
 With the camera they get 30 samples seconds
 With hardware it's 20000 more.

12. sechcode

 Toon of tools to help you to learn how to product. What is lacking is one on one advise.
 Can find experts online.
 Shared code editor

Top 5

And the top 5 are (again in no specific order):

  2. genpad
  3. samplerround
  4. watchtower
  5. discosync

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