Tour De Mobile Flex now for the iPad

Tour De Mobile Flex now for the iPad

I'm exited to announce a version of Tour De Mobile for the iPad. Tour De Mobile Flex is a great showcase of the different components that the Flex SDK provides.

You can download an (old) version for Android on Unfortunately this version was build with the preview release of Flash Builder (Hero) and doesn't compile with the Flex SDK 4.6. I started to update it but realized that James Ward had a more fleshed out version on Github which I used as starting point. That version, even though more recent that the one on, wasn't updated since more that 11 months and didn't have any of the new Flex 4.6 mobile features. I guess that my coincides with James move to Salesforce.

I really wanted to see how Tour De Flex works on the iPad, so I rolled up my sleeves and adapted it for the Flex SDK 4.6, added a split view and tab navigator, and added a couple of examples of the new Flex 4.6 mobile components like the DateSpinner and the ToggleSwitch. I intend to add a few more examples, like charting, some mapping examples and hopefully some of the new 2D and Stage3D features.

For now there are still few details to be fixed, like re-enabling source code view and fixing few bugs. You can follow the progress of this effort on my Github account.

Check out the following video of Tour De Mobile Flex on the iPad:

Come see my Building iPad apps with Flex talk at 360Flex to find out many of the technics that are used in Tour De Mobile Flex...and much more ;-)


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