Cloud, mobile, and much more Cloud, mobile, and much more

Actually I did setup this whole website using Octopress because I want to blog more. The reality is that I'm currently working on many pretty awesome projects, a Rails project, an iPad project, a Flex project, and some consulting projects that when the evening comes...I code some more instead of blogging. But I'm learning so much cool stuff that I want to share. So here a few of the things I want to talk about:

1) iOS Apps with Flex Mobile - I'm working on a presentation for a customer for which I will spend 50% time on my own and 50% on my customer time, but will be able to deliver it publicly. Flex mobile is pretty awesome. I'll try to record a screencast of the presentation. iPhone, I come. In fact on the 17th of April I'll be giving a talk on Building iPad apps with Flex 4.6.

2) Rails 3.x...just rocks. I had a small project to create with Rails, and wow..It just flies. I bought a cool HTML template that works just great for a cool admin style Rails application. Note it's not a public facing project.

3) (not up yet) - During the last Denver RIA Developers Group I had an epiphany of so many technological aspects coming to a cross road, that I had a vision on of great product. This is not the first time that this happens to me, but it's the first time that I, this might be actually be needed by many. It happened the same day Apple announced iBook Builder...the tool to build textbooks for the rested of us. Well, my vision was for a tool to build mobile, phone and tablet apps, for the rest of us. And I had the vision of the technical aspect to build that tool. In fact I even build a proof of concept that works. That's the worse part, where in a couple of hour I can prove that I could build a tool in few hundreds of hours or more which would be great...Just I'm not sure where to take these few hundreds of hours usual...I keep too busy with day to day consulting activities. However this project will be the main driver for many of the forthcoming blog post as I like to think out loud in the form of blog entries while I code… wanna see what to expect? Then check out AwsUsageAnalyzr, it's my notes for yet another project I didn't release.

4) Education - I spoke on Monday with my good friend Solomon White, and he wants to focus more on education. This is definitively one aspect where I try to improve in. But education is not only the next great opportunity, but since I have kids, is really an area where I would love to be able to contribute. Learning is the essence of our society. I feel that there is a big disparity between where software craftsmanship is at it's top today and whats teached at schools.

5) Reality! This blog entry may actually replace my beginning of year blog post about what I did and where I will go. I am a software coder, loving it, and will continue to do that professionally as long customer want me too and as long as I feel energized by it. There are so many different directions I could focus on: teaching, writing, managing, doing business but I still love coding. I can get up and code until I drop at night. That's a gift I enjoy until I won't :-)

6) Community. I love meeting people that have common interested. I attend several Denver user group, regional and national conferences. They are all awesome. I used to fly from Switzerland to the US to get training, now I can just drive 20 minutes to see awesome presenters and talks with awesome members of the community. All in all, if you are a geek, times are great. I have a few conference planned for the next few month and hope to meet many of you. So see you soon at MountainWest RubyConf 2012, at the Mile High Agile Conference, at 360Flex or at RailsConf 2012.

7) Small also know as mobile. It's amazing of much creative applications and services are build around mobile concept. These phones and tablets are getting more powerful, the tools to create apps more sophisticated. So expect some noise from me on that front.

8) Big also know as the cloud. Not the iCloud crap…but the Amazon cloud stuff that works. The DropBox cloud you can easily integrate in your apps. The dropbox api can use from you mobile and desktop app. The Heroku server you can start with one command line. The EC instance you ca boot up on a dime when you need. Pusher, DynamoDb…I tell you…Your solution is in fact getting smaller thanks to these cloud services.

So welcome to my new blog I hope you will find enough good content that you will come back from time to time.

Enjoy! Daniel

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I can help create your next incredible application. I can mentor your developers, augment your team, build a proof of concept or create the whole application for you. I build Web and Mobile Applications with HTML5, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails and Node.js.


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