Redis-Flex: An ActionScript Library to integrate with Redis

Announcing redis flex An ActionScript Library to integrate with Redis.

A while back I looked into accessing Redis directly from Flex and I found an existing library, as3redis that however didn't support the new unified request protocol. So I wrote a minimalist wrapper that now allows to send commands to a redis server.

To access the Redis server from Flex just instantiate a Redis instance:

    <redis:Redis id="server"
                 result="server_resultHandler(event)" />

Then you can send commands:

    server.send("SET A 123");
    server.send("GET A");
    server.send(["rpush", "messages", "message one"]);

Note it's not a good idea to connect a Flex application directly to Redis. Redis is usually used in the context of an application server that protects it's access in the same way that Flex doesn't connect directly to a database. However they may be cases that this could be useful.



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